Constellation Ventures


Your Partner in Disruption

This black hole visualisation illustrates how its gravity warps light and distorts our view.

Constellation Ventures helps corporate partners unlock the value & potential of disruptive innovation by co-creating New Ventures or Special Purpose Vehicles (“The Stars”) that would be sustainable across time & space.
Combining their corporate DNA with startup dexterity, the Stars will be incubated with the governance-centric, yet agile Constellation Framework, incorporating Deep Technology derived from the latest university research.
The Stars will be supported by the Constellation Ventures team consisting of industry-experienced Serial Entrepreneurs, Investors and Private Equity Fund Managers whom will also act as a sounding board for innovation to its corporate partners.

Abstract three dimensional mosaic of pyramids represents strategic alignment that focuses purpose and energy towards achievements that stand the test of time.

Align Innovation Strategy

Innovation and leadership has become two of the most important attributes to organizational success. Constellation Ventures help corporate CEOs manage the corporate Innovation Portfolio to strategically align with corporate vision and engage and mobilize the right internal stakeholders towards the strategic innovation effort.

Align Growth Efforts

Innovations make for great growth strategies through it’s investments opportunities. CFOs play a critical role of keeping strategic innovation projects alive and growing. Constellation Ventures help corporate CFOs steward strategic innovation projects that will make financial sense to the organization while keeping financial parameters in check.

Seedlings grow into its plant structures through a series of pressure vessels within rigid cellulosic cell walls – experiencing up to 10 Bar of turgor pressures at a time.

The rocket moves at an exponentially growing speed by simultaneously accelerating and reducing its mass as indicated by the Tsiolkovsky rocket equation.

Align Acceleration Mechanisms

According to an article by the Harvard Business Review, CIOs take on between one to six roles in the department. Constellation Ventures help corporate CIOs accelerate the ability for an innovation project to successfully to be offered in the market.